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Compensation Plan

  • We pay out up to… 80% of (C/V) Commissionable Volume – this makes our plan unmatched in the industry. The lowest qualifiers with the highest payouts.

    No Huge Volume or Sponsoring RequirementsThe perfect plan for the masses.

    No Legs to BalanceYou can earn on EVERYONE in your top 15 levels, to Infinity.

    No “Breakage” like most companies – We use full Dynamic Compression.

    It’s a fact that a high percent of people (90%) who participate in most programs cannot do what is necessary to qualify and make money. American Dream is just the opposite. We have developed a plan for everyone. A real opportunity where the average person can achieve a high level of success, not just the heavy hitters.

  • 10 Ways To Get Paid In Our Compensation Plan

    Weekly Fast Start BonusesPaid Weekly

    Weekly – Organizational Coded BonusesPaid Weekly – Earn up to 50% of C/V on initial purchases in your organization to Infinity (coded qualifications apply)

    Mega Builder Bonus – 90 Day Builder BonusEarn up to and Extra $6,000 during your first 90 days in the business.

    Monthly Residual Income – Earn 15 Levels deep in your organization – No Breakage – Plus, Dynamic Compression starts on your lowest volume level and compresses up

    Infinity Bonus1% to Infinity from your 16th Level and below – Paid Monthly

    Matching BonusesEarn a 20% Matching check on the entire 15 levels of Matrix pay from each of your personally sponsored team members – Paid Monthly

    Monthly Lifestyle BonusesEarn up to and extra $1200 Monthly Lifestyle Bonus

    Company Revenue Sharing PoolsParticipate in a Percentage of the entire Company Revenue – Paid Quarterly

    One Time Achievement Bonuses – Up to $510,000 – Earn significant bonuses for group volume achievements.

    Huge Retail ProfitsEarn up to 65% Retail Profit – About double the industry

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See What Others Is Saying About ADN Business Opportunity

Art M

The ADN Opportunity is very unique, here’s why I like it. I love ADN First and foremost because of the Owner who is accessible, And knows what he’s doing. The compensation Plan is unmatched. No Breakaways, balancing, or crazy volume requirements. And The Products, for example, They have the best product I have ever seen. It blows everyone away We have the only product in our industry that causes people things like this… to say, and I quote… “WOW…That’s Amazing!” Within 5 minutes or less! Now that’s Powerful!

Art M, ADN

Florence Arquitt

Two years ago I was introduced to Phytozon and the American Dream Company! Within just a few months my family and I felt more energy & focus. Speed forward another 6 months and as Phytozon was working at a cellular level we started noticing our hormones being balanced, hair growing thicker, nails stronger, back pain gone and much more. Getting on the corporate calls & understanding the “business opportunity” was what drove me to say, “I can do this” and “I can teach others” to achieve the health, happiness and financial freedom that we all want in life.

Florence Arquitt, ADN

Jeff S.
Jeff S., ADN


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  2.       Greg and Randy
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How many People you know could be suffering?
Millions of people each year search online for a product that can help them with arthritis, joint pain, back pain, memory, focus, heart health, eye health and so many other health issues and challenges..  We have the solution… PhytoZon


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