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"Its GGGREAT. Day Three on PhytoZon, My Knee pain is way down. I have always been in pain from old sports injuries. My Hand – Eye coordination is much improved. This is an issue I am still dealing with from my Stroke in Jan 2014. My neck pain is also greatly reduced. Another stroke issue. My Balance is also a lot better. No major issues with walking up or down stairs or bending over. It’s not at 110% yet, but it is getting closer.I walked yesterday in my neighborhood for the First time since January. (one mile) Slept the last three nights has been without a sleep aid. Not enough time to list all the little stuff.It’s a good day in the neighborhood.
"I am in love with PhytoZon because of what it is doing for me… I am on Dialysis and work full-time. Thanks to PhytoZon I am feeling so much better… increased energy, better ability to cope, people have also commented on my skin and how great it looks. A couple of weeks ago, I twisted my left foot… pain so extreme that it felt like it was broken! I was told that it would take a few weeks to heal… then I remembered to take my PhytoZon! In just a little while, my pain was completely gone, I am so amazed, and thank Greg so much for the PhysoZon. What it is doing for me is great… I feel so much better, as though I have no kidney problems!"
Ivy Fernandes
"Severe Anxiety - I have benefitted from PhytoZon in so many ways, from improved vision, ability to stay focused, pain, etc. However, most recently the most interesting benefit was in helping me deal with extreme Anxiety… and within 10 minutes! When under stress, with PhytoZon I have to say… “I am so much easier to deal with.
Sharri Louise
Hey, I FEEL this stuff....................my friend, who is a big skeptic took one and was up til midnight with energy to spare. Usually she's in bed by 9:00! A shy girl, she uncharacteristically demanded another pill this morning. Can't wait for her testimony!!! She was terribly weak in the strength test and got strong...
"This is an exciting finding," said Tariq Haqqi, professor of medicine at Case Western Reserve University/University Hospitals of Cleveland and the lead investigator and senior author of the study. "This is the first time a natural product has been shown to directly block these molecular scissors while showing potential to stimulate repair. This is a testament to the wound healing properties of this traditional medicine and the distinctive therapeutic opportunities that nature offers."
Tariq Haqqi

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